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The Cross-Fit Jump Rope To Exercise At Home

Looking for some equipment to exercise at home? The cross-fit jump rope is one of the cheapest products to keep you in shape. In fact, 10 minutes of jumping rope burns 135 calories. I would recommend that you buy the cross fit jump rope made by the One for Heart.It is inexpensive and high quality. It comes with wrist wraps as well. I got it as my New Year gift and I love it.

jump rope cross fit
Jump rope exercises are not only good for losing weight. They also sculpture your legs, arms, chest, and shoulders. Jumping rope is also good for your heart.

Here is my favorite jump rope workout (from the magazine Shape):
5 minutes: double-leg jumps
Jump continuously at a steady pace. Keep shoulder blades down and back, chest lifted, and jump softly. Swing the jump rope with your wrists, not your arms.

45 seconds: plank
Bring your elbows directly under your shoulders, nose directly over thumbs and keep your feet a shoulder width apart. Draw belly button up and in while keeping your legs engaged the entire time. Don’t forget to take deep breaths.

2 minutes: single-leg jumps
Jump continuously on one leg for 30 seconds. Then, switch to the other leg for 30 seconds. Repeat the whole sequence one more time (30 seconds each leg). Keep the leg that is lifted in front of leg that is jumping. Try to transition between feet without stopping.

2 minutes: high-speed double-leg jumps
Jump continuously as fast as possible. Make sure your feet are not pounding on the ground and that your chest stays lifted.

45 seconds: opposite arm/leg extensions
Get down onto your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders and knees under hips. Extend your left leg only up to hip height as you extend right arm up next to your ear. Come back to center and switch sides. Lift right leg up only to hip height as you lift left arm up next to your ear. Come back to center and continue to alternate for 45 seconds. Make sure to keep core engaged, shoulders down, and back straight the entire time.

Repeat the entire jump rope circuit one more time (2x total).


cross fit jump rope

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