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Stylish Baby Bandana Bibs

I recently discovered bandana bibs and I am, now, really in love with them. Here are just a few reasons why bandana bibs are better than regular bibs:

They are convenient to use with a drooling baby.
They are a stylish accent to even the most mundane baby outfit.
They are warm around the neck of the baby and so great during colder weather.
Most bandana bib brands use snaps instead of velcro for that facinors.

Here are my favorite sets of stylish Bandana Bibs. I tried these out on my baby boy and they are the ones I would most recommend:

1.Baby Sonny Bandana Drool Bibs

We get tons of compliments on Baby Sonny Bandana bibs. They are super convenient, long, and warm. However, the designs on these bibs is what makes them truly special. I was able to create a trendy, themed outfit for my son using just a plain onesie and one of these themed bandanas: mustache, contemporary black and white chevron, wild-west arrows.
baby sonny stylish bandana bibs
2. MaybeBaby Superhero Bandana Bibs

These are super funny super hero bandana bibs! They feature a super hero duck and a ninja bear. They remind me of something you might see in an Anime, but are not a well known character. MaybeBaby Superhero Bandana Bibs are gender neutral. However they do include hot bright pink on a grey background. So, if you are someone who believes pink is only for little-girls you might not want to buy these for a boy. I personally, think my little gentleman looks quite dapper in his, though.
maybebaby stylish bandana bibs

3.Zoozik Baby Bandana Bibs

Zoozik is another bandana bib company that makes bibs with super trendy patterns. As a bonus, Zoozik includes two cute burp rags in their packages of 4 bibs. This makes the pack a pretty good deal.
The bibs themselves are made of a warm cotton material that serves pretty well in cold weather. The neck fit is adjustable; like many other triangular drool bibs these bibs have two snaps. They should fit babies under the age of one year old just fine. For after one year, you can try them and return them if they don’t fit.

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