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Good Wii Games for 2 and More Players

Interested in finding good wii games for 2 and more players? My husband and I are always looking for good wii games we can play together. Here is the list of our favorite wii games for two and more people.

Wii Guilty Party

Wii Guilty Party by Disney is a fun mystery party game. It is rather like a Wii version of Clue. You and your friends will investigate crimes and identify the guilty party in series of episodes. To earn each clue you must complete a Wii challenge of speed and dexterity. The level of difficulty can be set individually for each player to make the game perfect for family fun.
Features of the game we liked:
-includes many puzzles and mini games
-has two modes: competitive mode and cooperative mode
-has difficulty modes so you can play it with your child or the company of adults
-funny dialogues and jokes spoken by and amusing and diverse set of characters
Features of the game we did not like.
– The story-mode part of the game is kind of short, you probably can play it all in 3 or 4 settings
– The Mini puzzles repeat pretty often
– The power-up cards are given out too frequently making the character-movement aspect of the game inconsequential for adult players

Wii Monopoly Collection

This Wii Monopoly Collection actually contains two different versions of the classic Monopoly board game. Our favorite of the two is “Monopoly Streets” because it has more lively characters and the game boards have 3D buildings.
Features of the game we like:
– The game supports house-rules and can beat humans if it plays on Hard mode.
– The trading-system is flexible and allows you to trade get-out-of jail cards as will as properties and money.
– The games move faster than playing on a real board because you don’t have to make change, do any math, or check for cheating.
Features of the game we don’t like:
– Loading this game takes forever. It has about a million credits and trademark screens.
– It can be hard to get an overall feel for the state of the board because you can only see it from up close or a top-down view with hard-to-read icons.

Wii Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a great Wii game made from the classic family trivia game. This disc has three different Trivial Pursuit games on it. There is the classic competitive version and a “Clear the Board” version that is great if you want to play cooperatively. Finally, there is the “Facts and Friends” version that can be played quickly and has a kind of trivia where being close to the right answer scores partial points.
Features of the game we like:
– The board is easy to interact with and looks great.
– There are so many questions, we have only hit one duplicate in about a dozen full games.
– You can save and continue games, plus stats are kept about your performance.
– There are types of questions you couldn’t get from the real trivial pursuit (such as questions with photos and maps)
Features of the game we don’t like:
– There doesn’t seem to have been enough room on the disc to store audio for the questions. You have to read them yourself.
– There is an “announcer” who talks about the game. He is annoying. But, you can turn him off.
– The game comes with only two question-packs. The “movies” one is getting pretty outdated. So, we only play with “general”.

Wii Family Feud

Wii Family Feud, the classic survey game-show comes to your family. The designers didn’t try to change a single part of the TV show (except for omitting the funny host). You are given a question and you have to guess how most people who were surveyed answered.
Features of the game we like:
– Normally, entering text with a Wii-pointer while a timer counts down would be a terrible experience. But, the auto-complete works great.
– The announcer reads the survey questions and you can even cut him off when you know the answer.
Features of the game we don’t like:
– You actually have to pick a family to represent you. They are pretty generic and it won’t let you use Mii’s. This feature is a pointless waste of time.
– The actual Family Feud game has weird rules and focuses too much on money. It would have been nice if the developers had created some alternate versions that used the same survey-guessing but gave you achievement points or something else you could “keep”.

Wii Who Wants to Be Millionaire

This TV trivia wii game doesn’t feature any of the celebrity hosts. But, it is actually more fun to play as a team than it would be to be on stage in front of a big audience.
Features of the game we like:
– The questions are read out loud so you don’t have to squint at the screen.
– Just like in the real game, the questions get harder the more money you make. We have only reaches a million a few times.
Features of the game we don’t like:
– The game doesn’t include the qualification round or anything like it. That part would have been pretty fun.
– Each question has a clever title. But, you only get to see them for about 20 seconds in a big long list. So, those titles are wasted.

Wii Jeopardy

Jeopardy is another Wii trivia game we like. It is also a perfect wii game for multiple players. Digital Alex Trebek joins you to play this classic TV game-show game where you have to answer in the form of a question. The Wii version claims it has 2400+ clues and can listen to you answer out loud if you have a “Wii Speak” (yeah, we’ve never heard of that either).

Features we like:
– This trivia wii game doesn’t have the time constraint that the TV version has. So, you can get to every question.
– The game keeps statistics and puts your Mii in fancy-dress.
– There is a custom mode which allows you to choose the difficulty of the questions as well as whether you use multiple choice, or 3 to 5 letter “predictive text”.
– The wii game has fun, challenging questions
– The unlockable prizes add a sense of accomplishment
– This wii game is pretty cheap game compared to other Wii trivia games. Since there are not too many questions, it is easy to find a used Wii Jeoperty copy on Amazon, which is even a better deal.

Features we don’t like:
– With 60 questions a game, it will only take 40 games before you have done every clue. We haven’t hit that yet, but we will.

Please, let us know about your favorite wii games for 2 and more players.

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