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Good Short Films You Have To Watch

I and my husband love to go for film festivals. One of our favorite film festivals is Cinequest. They always show great independent short films.

Here is the list of good short films we recommend to watch:

Tryouts a short film by Susana Casares

The budget for this short movie was raised through Kickstarter. The movie is about a Muslim teenage girl – Nayla (played by Kimya Marefat). Nayla wants to be a cheerleader; however, there are some obstacles she needs to overcome.
How can she fit into Western culture while continuing to honor her mother’s traditional views? How can she escape the rules, but also comply with them? Nayla’s solution will surprise and delight you.

Thank You, Cabbage by Mitch Magee

Thank You, Cabbage is another great film funded through Kickstarter. The main character Alison Segal is an aspiring writer, encouraging women to return to a the domestic life. However, it seems Alison is lying to herself and to her readers.
Alison Segal is starred by very beautiful and talented actress – Jocelyn DeBoer. I am very surprised that she has not appeared in a mainstream Hollywood picture yet.
The tone of Thank You, Cabbage is light, despite the subject. It has a lot of great jokes and brings a laughter to the audience.

The Ghost Pepper Eating Contest of Jefferson County by Sam Frazier

Sam Frazier’s film, The Ghost Pepper Eating Contest of Jefferson Count, is about smart people doing stupid things. Once a year a hot pepper eating contest takes place at the Sidewalk Film Festival. Its contestants eat increasingly spicy peppers up to and including the ‘ghost pepper’ – the hottest pepper known to mankind. With only bragging rights as a reward, the audience cannot help but laugh at the foolishness of the situation.

The Brunchers by Matt Winn

The moral of the story is the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. The plot is super simple but full of good humor and great acting. The main character is played by Natalie Dormer, who also stars in Games of Thrones and Elementary, a Sherlock Holmes’ crime drama.
The plot features a married couple concerned that they’re out of touch and no longer trendy. They decide to prove their “hipsterness” by dragging themselves to the latest hip brunch eatery. As the couple journies through London, they discuss the idiosyncrasies of their friends and the ups and down of other people’s relationships. Meanwhile, the subtext is quite clear.

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