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Escape The Room Stargazer’s Manor Game from Thinkfun

My husband and I love board games, between 2 of us we played hundreds of them. We are always looking for some new board games on Amazon and even back the board game projects on the Kickstarter.

As a bloggers, I often have an opportunity to find out about cool companies around there. I have recently got a game Escape the Room Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor board game from Thinkfun.
Thinkfun is pretty cool American game company. They make educational games for kids and adults. The goal of each game is to build thinking skills through games. They put science and logical concept into many of the their games. They currently offer lines of brainteasers and puzzles (check them out here), logic games (here), family games (here) and word and language games (here). So if you are a family of game geeks, you should have a look at the Thinkfun site.

I recently received one of Thinkfun’s latest games called Escape The Room Stargazer’s Manor. It is a mysterious, party game for gamers who like to solve puzzles and locate hidden objects. The game is perfect for the group of 3 or 4 people and it takes about 50 minutes. As with many “find hidden objects” games it is hard to replay since you will know the answers. But it is good for a small party of people to play.


EscapeRoom Stargazers Manor Boardgame

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  1. Sahar says:

    We love board games too. How do you get time to play with a baby??

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