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Earn Money for Charity

This week I have met people from a very interesting company- Goodsearch. It is a for profit company that helps charities and schools to earn money.

Users of Goodsearch choose a charity they care about. For example, I chose to help “A Better Tomorrow Shelter For Cats”, but you can change your cause at any time. After choosing a cause, users just use the site as a search engine. Every time a search is entered Goodsearch pays the chosen cause a small amount of money. At present, GoodSearch donates 1 cent for each search.

If you don’t have anything to search for, you can do other fun staff on Goodsearch to earn money for your charity. For example, you can play online games to donate with each third play. GoodGames does not have as big a selection as most game-sites. But, some of them are definitely very addictive. I and my husband love the strategy game called Trizzle, we compete for the highest score.

If you want to maximize your GoodSearch’s contributions to your chosen cause the best way is to use GoodShop. GoodShop has an affiliate relationship with companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Target, Holiday Inn, Sears and many more. The contribution given to your chosen charity for using GoodShop is up to 7% from your purchase-price.

GoodSearch has a whole network of programs that all benefit causes in a similar way. I haven’t tried taking a survey, dining in a restaurant, or using a promo code. But, each seem appealing.

Finally, if you cannot find the charity or school you care about in GoodSearch’s list you can provide information to add it.

Posted on April 8, 2014 then Updated July 5, 2017By Sweetie

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