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A New Electronic Money Transfer App, Square Cash

You have probably heard about (or seen) Square in action. Their devices are the little boxy things that cab drivers, farmers market vendors, and thousands of other small businesses use to take credit card payments on their iPhones. If you pay someone using the device and app, you get an nice email receipt for your records. This process if fast and easy, with no complicate accounts logins or trying to get near-field communication on your phone to work. Don’t you wish you could send money to your friends and family just as easily?

Well, now you can! Square Cash (also known as cash.me) is the fast and easy money transfer service that you can use from your phone or on the web. You can send money to anyone who has an email address or phone that can get texts even before they have setup anything with Square for free. All you need is the Square Cash app (or a web-browser) and a debit card. You can also send money using a credit card for a (3%) fee.

You can receive money via text or email, as well. But, sometimes you might not want to give our your contact information to someone who owes you money. For those cases, Square Cash has a feature they call a $CashTag. It’s like a #hashtag only for money. When you install the Square Cash app you will be asked if you want to create a $CashTag. If you do, then people can send you money by typing the $CashTag into the Square app, or just by visiting a URL that looks like this https://cash.me/$sweetieandgeek (with your $CashTag in place of $sweetieandgeek)

Using the app or the website is super simple just like using the Square Device always is. There are no usernames or passwords to memorize (unless you want to add one for extra security) and everything can be done from the main screen. We recommend it.


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Posted on December 12, 2016 then Updated July 4, 2017By Sweetie

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