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15-Minute Workouts from Booya Fitness and MASHUP

I was recently introduced to a new startup named Booya Fitness (www.booyafitness.com). I am always excited about startups, entrepreneurs, and motivated people in general. So, I support any new business (with a good business model) when I can.

The Booya Fitness website and App offer 15-minute workouts to suit any taste and fitness level. Their offerings include Barre Fusion, yoga-boxing, Pilates, and many others. I used to go to boutique yoga or Pilates classes very often and they helped me to keep myself in shape, both physically and spiritually. However, since my child was born I have not had the time for fitness that I used to have. This is why Booya Fitness’ quick at-home workouts are perfect for people like me.

A Booya Fitness workout is designed to be done in your home no matter what kind of equipment, space, and time you have. The workouts can even be filtered to your specific circumstances and played on a wide range of devices including your television. Also, the Booya app tells you about hoe many calories you have burned during your workout, even if you have to stop before the end.

Subscriptions to Booya cost $8 to $10 a month and the first month is free. This subscription gives you access to MASHUP™ fitness exercises and tons of other team’s workouts. That is less than a gym membership, currently, cheaper than DailyBurn (dailyburn.com). Since Booya seems better than DailyBurn (which costs $13 per month), I expect they will ask future customers to pay more. So, you should sign up sooner rather than later.

My favorite Booya Fitness workout group is MASHUP™. The founders of MASHUP™ have fitness and medical backgrounds but are also moms who appreciate the unique challenges of staying in shape with kids around. They offer videos that are simultaneously targeting three different levels of fitness. You can follow a single level all the way through or pick the right activity in each set. This is also handy if you have a workout partner who is a different fitness level than you. By the way, you can also purchase unlimited access to just MASHUP™’s workouts on the Booya app for a one time fee of $35 at https://www.booyafitness.com/the-evolution-of-hiit.

Here is a free video from MASHUP™ for you to try. Enjoy:

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